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We are a small family farm that focuses on soil fertility while practicing

a chemical free approach.  Our goal is to provide healthy nutrient dense

fruits and vegetables to our community.

No Herbicides | No Pesticides | No Fungicides | No Petroleum Fertilizers

Tomatoes • Cucumbers • Turnips • Squash • Celery • Swiss Chard

Kale • Lettuce • Radishes • Dandelion Greens • Leeks •  Onions

Potatoes • Peppers •  Eggplant • Pumpkins • Herbs: Parsley, Basil, Sage, Cilantro, Dill •  Watermelon •  Husk Cherries •  Cantaloupe

Honey Dew • Sun Jewel Melon •  Strawberries • Raspberries


Nathan Andrade, Averyl Amaral Andrade

Sustainable Agriculture

Master Gardeners

Organic Farming

Did You Know?

Massachusetts is 6th in the nation for number of farms with Community Support Agriculture (CSA) Farms. 95% increase since 2007!    @MassGrown & Fresher

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